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About Me

My name is Carina, recently known as Aelathen, I am a twenty years old dreamer living in Portugal.
In every work I create, I do it to express the feelings that I have inside me. There is no better release for me than art, even though I dont consider myself a good artist, I cant stop creating. What I try to show the most in the works I do is purity, something that is very hard to find in this world these days.

I am in love with the elves from Master TolkienĀ“s Lord of the Rings, along with the art of the ancient romans which has always been an inspiration for me since very young.

I started to use Photoshop 3 years ago just because I wanted to express myself, I learned everything alone and I wouldnt go to an art school because of the simple reason that there I would be forced to do something that someone else wants and not what I feel.

Lately I have discovered my passion for music, mostly for Violoncellos (among other strings) and for harps. Unfortunately I cannot play any of them but perhaps in the future I will, just as I will work harder on developing my singing.

I must say that I have to thank My Beloved Adrian von Ziegler , for every work, because all of it is related to him, he is the person that "rules" my feelings, he is Everything to me.

There were many friends of mine who described my work as sad yet full of hope at the same time, and what makes me the happiest is when people can relate to it, when they put their own living story to my pictures.